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Capricio designer Italian furniture  Italian ceramics vases and lamps
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The Italian Furniture Centre in the Midlands

Italian Furniture showroom for the public.Italian furniture showroom in Cannock, West Midlands, England, UK is open to the public 7 days a week
Silik Classical Ornate Italian furniture
The House of Italy is proud to present you with the Silik Ranges of Italian Furniture
You can see some items below, but if you want to see the full range, just click here to download the full SILIK catalogue -  it may take a few minutes dependent on your internet connection speed and you will be downloading a PDF file so you will need to have a pdf reader. It will help you to identify the item you want to talk about if you click on to the top left hand of the opened file to bring up the numbered page thumbnails on the left of the large pictures; you may need to right click to open that option first.
Choose from one of the ranges below to be taken to a range often only seen in dreams. Silik is a world renowned maker of finest quality carved ornate classical furniture available in luxurious finishes from gilded, through polychromatic to lacquered. Baroque furniture favoured by many rich and famous people throughout the world. Not for everyone - but then, you are not everyone are you?
Silik Lounge suite and furniture Silik bedroom furniture Silik dining room furniture
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